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Benešov Ice Cream Factory


There is never enough quality fruit ice cream. This year, for the first time, an ice cream invention from the Benešov Ice Cream Factory will appear in freezers across the Czech Republic. Three carefully selected and tested flavors include black currant, mango with passion fruit, and cherry with strawberry.

Idea Making
Art Direction

The new brand prides itself on tradition and origin. Although customers can taste it for the first time this year, the ice creams are backed by 30 years of experience with the original Pinko brand. In the future, Benešov should become the capital of ice cream and the Benešov Ice Cream Factory should become a synonym for a quality Czech product. 


We have worked on the brand from the very beginning. We defined the basic pillars, came up with the name, helped develop new flavors, and finally prepared the packaging, website, and communication for the upcoming season. Benešov Ice Cream Factory is a humble brand that lets its product speak for itself. It stands by its modern production processes and the composition of its ice creams, which contain only fruit, water, sugar, and fibre. Nothing more. 

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Římská 35
120 00 Praha 2 - Vinohrady
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