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How personalised videos protect real estate


The insurance company Kooperativa has been on the market for many years. It knows very well that insurance is a bit boring. So it tries to incorporate modern technologies and trends as much as possible. Even in communication to clients.

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The services of Kooperativa Insurance Company should be "for life asit is". And because in real life it sometimes blows a lot or hail falls, our client has developed notifications in a mobile app that warn clients in time before the weather.

But how to sell this new tool to hundreds of thousands of customers without the emails alerting them to the new gadget ending up in the trash? The best way to do this is with personalised videos, where each and every oneof the insurance company's customers gets their own unique video tailored exactly for them.


First, we went through the data available to the client. From the data, we selected parameters that make sense to personalize in the video - do you live in Prague, but have an insured cottage in Šumava? That's the plus point of the whole notification - the bad weather alert will be related to Šumava. And we'll add advice on how best to protect your property from the elements - and again, this will vary by property type.

And then we got down to the work of drawing out the full 3D graphics, including all the parameter variations. After combining the customer data and video sequences, we created unique versions of the video that not only differedin image, but also had a personalized voice over. And when a video like this arrives in your inbox, it definitely captures your attention more than a text email.

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